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A shoot-off from the overarching Honda tree, Acura functions as the company’s luxurious car maker. They make cars like the TL, or crossover SUV’s like the very popular MDX, offering excellent reliability.
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Alfa Romeo

Alpha Romeo is an Italian luxury automaker that benefits from 105 solid years of intelligent automotive innovation. It is renowned for its captivating luxury cars and its outstanding accomplishments in motorsport. It offers executive sport sedans like the Giulio, track-inspired sport coupes like the 4C, and performance-based SUVs like the Stelvio.
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Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a car company bent on making leathery, luxurious cars that belong on the track. This interesting combination of sport and quality are the reason why many aspire to own one of their sophisticated machines.
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Audi, one of the top-rated luxury automakers in the world, produces luxury vehicles that are stylish, refined, powerful and safe. Known for its signature four-ring logo and its pioneering Quattro all-wheel-drive system, German automaker Audi offers a full range of luxury sedans, coupes, wagons and SUVs, from the petite A3 sedan to the authoritative Q7 SUV
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BMW has been responsible for revolutionizing the industry by combining luxury with sport. This puts them in a unique class of car manufacturers as they pave the way with new technology like on their brand new I8 hybrid.
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High performance and luxury are what come to mind when Bentley is mentioned. A classically British company, Bentley has been around since 1919 and has left a heritage of wonderfully magnificent grand touring cars.
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Buick offers luxury and comfort to the vast audience of sophisticated people. Their history begins with 4-door sedans, but recently they’ve branched out to include compact to midsize SUV’s in their lineup.
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Cadillac, one of the longest-standing luxury carmakers in America, is synonymous with the ‘American dream’. With enchanting offerings like the CTS luxury sedan, the premium SRX crossover, and the iconic, full-size Escalade SUV, Cadillac has demonstrated its ability to carry on its legacy of excellence and prestige without compromising its standards.
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Chevrolet is a brand for the people. They make one of the largest ranges of vehicles in the world, from large, heavy-duty trucks to small sedans to their mighty sports cars like the Camaro and Corvette. If there’s a car you need, they likely make it.
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Chrysler, founded by Walter Chrysler, is a formidable force in the American automobile industry. Known for its silver-winged logo, Chrysler is reputed for producing affordable yet upscale and refined passenger vehicles like the 200 midsize sedan, the 300 full-size sedan and the Pacifica minivan that rival the best vehicles in their different segments.
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Despite some financial troubles in the past, Dodge has made quite a name for itself in recent years. They provide an interesting lineup, as they get into sporty cars like the Charger or Viper, but also dip into the SUV market only slightly.
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FIAT has been around since the dark ages, founded in 1899. They have their own lineup of cars but also most notably have their hands dipped in several other car companies such as Chrysler, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Dodge to name a few.
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Ferrari is one of the world’s most desirable automobile brands. Known for its red supercars, its outstanding accomplishments in Formula 1 racing, and its ‘prancing horse’ logo, Ferrari is a symbol of luxury, speed, and wealth. It currently offers V8-engined supercars like the GTC4Lusso T coupe and 488 GTB coupe and V12-engined supercars like the F12berlinetta coupe.
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Ford, the 2nd-largest automaker in the United States, has won over the trust of Americans with its consistent dedication to build quality. Its vehicles stand out for their durability, reliability, capability, and refinement. Ford offers a full-range of mainstream cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, from the pint-sized Ford Fiesta to the best-selling Ford F-Series trucks.
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GMC, one of the longest-running divisions of General Motors, focuses on the production of high quality SUVs, commercial trucks, vans, buses, and military vehicles. It offers crossovers like the Terrain, large iconic SUVs like the Yukon, and top-rated pick-up trucks like the Sierra Series trucks. Most of these vehicles are also offered with a luxury-focused Denali option.
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Genesis Motors is the luxury vehicle division of the South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company. Initially envisioned along with the plan for Hyundai's new luxury sedan Hyundai Genesis in 2004, the Genesis brand was officially announced as a standalone marque on 4 November 2015.
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The massively popular Japanese car company, Honda, is a staple of the automotive community around the world. They make cheap vehicles for just about everything, including a hybrid super car called the NSX.
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Hyundai, the fourth largest automaker in the world, enjoys some of the highest ratings of brand loyalty. This is because Hyundai focuses on quality craftsmanship and value in its vehicles. Its Elantra compact sedan/hatchback, its Sonata midsize sedan, and its Santa Fe midsize SUV offerings stand out as its most popular brands.
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One of Japan’s more technical and luxurious car companies, Infiniti is widely popular because of the toys they put in their cars. The slightly more expensive brand takes safety seriously which is evident if you ever drive one.
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Jaguar, England’s most venerated luxury car manufacturer, has long been associated with royalty and splendor. With brilliant, superbly crafted cars like XF luxury midsize sedan and the F-Type sports car, Jaguar demonstrates that it is committed to producing cars that are all about exhilaration and driving pleasure.
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Everyone loves a Jeep, and they’ve grown on many types of people because of their traditionally rugged 4X4’s, and also their more luxurious and sophisticated SUV’s. In the last few decades, they’ve expanded their lines to crossovers, as well.
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Kia, known for its ‘tiger nose’ grilles, is South Korea's second-largest vehicle manufacturer. Kia has followed its slogan – ‘the power to surprise’ and has endeavored to produce dynamic and value-packed cars like the Forte compact sedan/hatchback and the Cadenza full-size sedan, and SUVs like Sportage compact SUV and the Sorento midsize SUV.
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The poster-cars of the supercar industry, Lamborghini is a massively popular albeit expensive brand to get into. They primarily make two-door sports cars, but have recently branched out into the SUV world.
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Land Rover

True to its name, Land Rover is an automaker that specializes in the production of SUVs and off-road vehicles. A true British icon, Land Rover has produced world renowned brands like the Defender 4WD off-road utility vehicle, the Freelander compact SUV, the Discovery mid-size luxury SUV, and the Range Rover luxury SUV series.
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Lexus is Toyota’s top-of-the-line brand, offering extremely comfortable and stylish sedans, SUV’s and sporty coupes. They put up fierce competition for their rivals, and are even involved with the supercar industry.
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As Ford’s longstanding luxury division, Lincoln has always been known to produce upscale cars, crossovers and SUVs that offer unique styling, superior comfort and enhanced performance. Its sedans include the executive Continental and the top-selling MKZ, while its crossovers include the inspiring MKX, the sophisticated MKC, and the versatile MKT.
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Lotus builds some of the world’s best respected, and highest performing sports cars. Alongside the benchmark Evora 400, the iconic Elise, the revered Exige and the hypercar humbling 3-Eleven all deliver a pure, exhilarating drive.
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If ever there was a car company with character, it’d be MINI. This European make is well-known for their little Cooper and the many variations of it that exist today. Many people love its simplicity and statement-making styling.
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Maserati is an Italian company with a simple motto, "Build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power".
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Mazda, one of Japan’s most popular automakers, holds true to its ‘zoom-zoom’ slogan, offering cars, minivans and crossovers that deliver thrilling and rewarding driving experiences. Mazda vehicles are also known for their bold, dynamic styling and outstanding fuel efficiency.
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McLaren truly is a fascinating brand, because they are responsible for the world’s most technically advanced supercars. With models like the P1, they’ve been known to stun even the most jaded of automotive journalists.
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Mercedes-Benz, one of the top-rated German luxury automakers in the world, is the global benchmark for automotive design, technology and innovation. It is dedicated to offering ‘the best or nothing’. Mercedes-Benz offers a full range of vehicles comprising of luxury cars, crossovers and SUVs, and commercial vans.
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Mitsubishi, the sixth-largest automaker in Japan, is known to produce affordable yet dependable cars and SUVs like the Lancer sedan, the Outlander crossover, and large Pajero SUV. Mitsubishi is also known for its outstanding accomplishments in motorsport thanks to Ralliart – its motorsports and high-performance division.
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Nissan is an automotive giant based out of Japan. Their mark on the automotive industry is a big one, and hard to live up to. Often times their models such as the Pathfinder, Armada and many others are used as examples of reliability and dependability.
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Porsche is an iconic German luxury car manufacturer that has consistently set the pace for performance and technology in the automotive industry. It specializes in the production of high-performance sports cars and SUVs like 911 Carrera sports car, the Panamera sedan, the Macan crossover and the Cayenne midsize SUV.
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Ram trucks is a chief competitor in the US’s vast truck market. Having been derived from the Dodge Ram company, Ram is now producing high-quality trucks to compete with other US based automakers.
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Rolls-Royce, known for its ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ hood ornament, has long been the definitive benchmark of automotive luxury. This premier British luxury automaker is known for ultra-luxurious cars like the Phantom sedan, the Ghost sedan, the Wraith coupe, and the Dawn convertible.
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Most people go for a Subaru when they want a vehicle with a reputable AWD system. It’s a staple of their heritage and makes them stand apart from other brands. Subaru produces many models, but primarily cars and crossovers in the US.
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The Tesla brand of deluxe, high-performance electric sedans and SUVs is one of the most coveted brands on the market. Famed with the production of the first electric sports car (The Roadster), Tesla has produced revolutionary electric cars like the Model S that boasts an industry-leading EV range of up to 265 miles.
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One of the automotive giants, Toyota is a company that produces a vehicle for everyone. Trucks, vans, cars, SUV’s – any civilian vehicle type can be found on a Toyota dealership. They pride themselves on dependability.
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Volkswagen, currently the largest automaker in the world, is famed for its practical and dependable yet refined and fun-to-drive vehicles. True to its meaning (people’s automobile), Volkswagen caters to the needs of people from all walks of life. It offers a full range of sedans, sport cars, hatchbacks, hybrids, convertibles, MPVs, SUVs, vans, and commercials vehicles.
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Volvo is a Swedish car company with a fascinating background that produces only sedans, SUV’s and crossovers. Luxury is now their primary focus as their popularity grows year after year in roughly 100 countries worldwide.
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Smart, a division of Daimler AG, is German car manufacturer that specializes in the production of city-friendly micro-cars and subcompact cars. Smart’s two-seater cars like the Fortwo and four-seater cars like the Forfour are loved for their unusual rear-engined configuration, their super-small turning circles, and their super-efficient engines.
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